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SNK is a video game company, not an anime. Gundam Fuck Yeah Texts From White Base. Monty is voiced by Tomokazu Sugita. Dubbed by Matthew Mercer. I offer lessons in fighting games. PSN and Steam name is Montypla.

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Mod curiosity time

Tell me your kinks/fetishes?


  1. madam-recks answered: Dick Fencing
  2. obsidimod answered: potato.
  3. teh-ray answered: Too many to name.
  4. zeroonetwothree answered: blood, scars, wounds, defined bones… lol
  5. scopesandskullties answered: uniforms/Military
  6. cupcakepainis answered: Jesusaurus rex
  7. tidecullernami answered: Crossdressing FFFF Also biting. I like to bite but I don’t like to be bitten.
  8. bobertmagilicutty answered: i enjoy to be dominated and doing things i feel im not supposed to
  9. thetruearkher answered: Futa.
  10. shaolinfingerjabs answered: stinky girls feet, girls farting, futas with big balls, fat asses
  11. anguiished answered: Sensory deprivation, neck biting, light back touching, restraints, and being up against the wall UNF
  12. ghostchomby answered: blood, guys in panties
  13. purrhaps answered: gore and triple penetration now tell us yours
  14. evilroda answered: Really convincing male to female transvestites/transsexuals.
  15. rai-a-day answered: Frot
  16. meerkatears answered: The Mod.
  17. gravemosswyrm answered: Futanari, fo’ sho’. It caused a break up for me! Woopwoop!
  18. mysteriouspoolboyluke answered: boys with long, dark lashes. not manscara, just naturally luscious eyelashes
  19. ecto-plasm answered: carnival masks and uniforms ;w;
  20. caruncula answered: Shitting on turtles imported from south Mexico, but only during a half-moon and if my great-grandmother is filming it.
  21. angry-moth-noises answered: cat girls (not furries. and their hair color can’t match the color of their ears and tail.), bondage, bdsm,
  22. cosmic--conscious answered: I really really like biting. Also light bondage. Gagging. Orgasm denial. Hehe.
  23. pterosaursinthetardis answered: Vore is my big one. Followed by Furries, Transformation and Quicksand
  24. pangenderyouthpamphlet answered: Asphyxiation, Flat chests, Cute faces, Boyish girls, Forbidden ties (IE: Age, Gender, Species), Secret Public, Dominance Submission play.
  25. cyborg-kitten answered: bondage, sado-maso, tall bottoms and short tops
  26. rubyredeggplant answered: Anything here…
  27. blackauras answered: Pegging. It’s the closest I’ll ever get to having a penis and still being female biologically.
  28. blackcat194 answered: i got a tickling fetish
  29. lemarks answered: yaoi
  30. hauenkua answered: Too many to list, but mostly vore, BDSM, petplay, and torture. I also have a thing for really feminine garments and pigtails.
  31. chiebutt answered: Big butts and big girls
  32. amaurus answered: I am legitimately sexually attracted to little girls.
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  34. baileef answered: i can’t deny i have a thing for chubby girls (/ u \)
  35. a11i answered: answering questions on tumblr
  36. shinibunny answered: My kinks are feet and BDSM. Even better: BDSM on feet :D
  37. captain-moist answered: BDSM(switch), breathplay. I also like butts.
  38. genoshaisforlovers answered: Scars
  39. mancerobservatory answered: Futa, bondage, and big breasts
  40. nisesocks answered: biting, bruising, spanking
  41. queen-wienerlooks answered: boys in pain. i don’t mean gore.